You can manage cloud resources directly from within the DCS portal. You can use the vCloud Director user interface by VMware for creating and technically administrating your cloud solutions running in a Dynamic Data Center. If required, you can create a “functional” user in the DCS portal: It allows for access to the vCloud Director via the API. Please search for “Role model” to get further information.

You can configure direct remote access to virtual systems as required. With a DDC, please make sure that the requisite ports are activated on the VMware VCNS Edge Gateway.

In terms of the port configuration for a Dynamic Server, you define a given set of ports directly in the DCS portal. You will find the detailed list in section 0 In the event of a DDoS attack, the attack is recorded and the operating team is notified. This then activates the rerouting of traffic for the affected IP address to a threat mitigation system.

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